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Scale up your user acquisition.

Unleash the full potential of your creative idea

Coop by Société Générale provides flexible and online loans to finance user acquisition for video game studios and publishers.

We leverage on rich game analytics datasets retrieved directly from stores & analytics platforms, to grant loans backed by future revenues.

Our Offers

Scaling without fundraising

Borrow at a fixed margin rate, as a complement or an alternative to fundraising, and avoid dilution. Our costs are fair, transparent, and highly-competitive. More details on offer & eligibility here

Speed up your growth

Borrowing capacity can be adjusted, as it’s directly linked to the games’ performance and based on our predictions of your future revenues.

100% online

Disbursement & repayment requests can be introduced weekly through a dedicated digital portal, offering a highly flexible financing solution.

Our Team



Game expertise


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*Any information in this page is purely indicative, has no contractual value and does not represent an offer or commitment, express or implied, on the part of Société Générale to provide, arrange, underwrite or participate in any financing agreement. The interest rate provided is an example and has been determined on the basis of a floating rate composed of the Euribor index (floored at zero) and a margin. It does not necessarily constitute or reflect the terms on which any transaction may be entered into.